In this episode, Josh and Braeden host a think tank with the co-founders of virtual reality porn company Holodexxx. Rather than 360 video porn content, we discuss the process of photogrammetry and what it takes to create realistic 3D models of the porn stars working with them. We also discuss some ideas around the future of porn and changing up the business model to have a positive impact on the porn industry in the future.

Morgan J Young is a seasoned AAA game developer and Virtual Reality entrepreneur. He is a creative, passionate and self-driven 3D artist, dedicated to producing the highest calibre of digital content, and pushing the medium of Virtual Reality and 3D scanning forward. After graduating with honors from 3D Game Art and Animation in 2008, Morgan was immediately hired at a major AAA studio as a 3D Modeler. Morgan has shipped several blockbuster titles as well as aiding in pre-production for several other unannounced titles.

Craig Alguire is a technical artist and 3D developer with experience in both indie and AAA games. Emerging technology and R&D are his primary passions. Craig was the Technical Director at an interactive 3D studio for four years before joining the VFX team at a major AAA studio. He has worked with massive touchscreens, gesture technology and virtual reality for real-time 3D games, TV and installations. Craig has shipped and completed preproduction for several major titles. Since 2008 he has also been a professor, teaching the Unreal Engine and game design to the next generation of game developers. With his current venture, he has designed and constructed a 3D scanning system and asset production pipeline capable of producing photorealistic real-time graphics with a specific focus on creating digital humans for VR.


  • (7:57)- HTC Vive(

  • (8:13)- Samsung Gear (

  • (16:22)- Riley Reid(

  • (23:05)- PornHub(

  • (28:20)- Movie Gamer(

  • (32:50)- Oculus Rift(

  • (36:55)- Google project Tango(

  • (42:30)- VStroker(

  • (2:00-8:00)- We introduce our guests and talk about what it's like shifting from the gaming industry to the porn, as well as the VR industry. They also give us a tech summary of how to scan a 3D avatar and in general.

  • (8:10-10:00)- We discuss the various platforms their tech will reach and what they are ultimately trying to achieve.

  • (10:10-12:00)- We talk about what they are working on currently and what they hope to release in the future.

  • (12:10-17:57)- We talk about the long term for the porn VR industry and is this tech here to stay. We talk how they aim to achieve the highest audio and visual quality possible and how they are doing it.

  • (18:00-20:00)- We talk about their business side at holodexxx and how they got exclusivity from their industry stars.

  • (20:05-29:55)- We talk about the user experience of their technology and the benefits of the technology for all people LGBTQ. We also talk about the negative use cases for the virtual avatars and how they plan to deal with it.

  • (30:00-33:20)- We discuss what a typical day is like for 3D capturing and a more indepth explanation how they 3D capture.

  • (33:25-37:50)- We discuss the future of entertainment and agree that VR is here to stay and will only have a growing presence. We also discuss the growing emersion of VR with visual, audio and haptic feedback.

  • ( 37:55-41:00)- We talk about how they are going to distribute their content and what platforms they are going to reach out to. We also discuss pricing for their content and if they are going to be subscription base and how to value avatars.

  • (41:11-43:47)- We talk about the possibility of multiple avatars and finish the podcast off with a plug about Riley Reid and vstroker.