Josh and Braeden host a roundtable discussion with Jen Duke Holmes and Mark Therien to discuss topics around disaster and emergency management. We talk about different global disasters and how sharing knowledge across multiple disciplines can help us understand how to deal with global disasters better. We also discuss new ideas around Jen's platform DEMHUB, and how it will be a game changer for the Disaster and Emergency Management industry.

Jen Duke Holmes specializes in online community strategy and development. She is a digital media specialist in the field of Emergency Management with over 15 years experience working with audio/video technology. Jen's current project is DEMHUB, where she is the founder of the disaster and emergency management network. 

Mark Therien has a background in International Development and Disaster & Emergency Management. He promotes a philosophy that the strengthening of human security is best achieved by emphasising local economic development that supports strong community engagement and partnerships between public and private sectors. He believes that strong local communal networks and knowledge sharing are key to sustainable and resilient communities that challenge adversity.


  • (11:18) the lake nyos disaster (

  • (33:55) LINKEDIN (

  • (1:50-3:10) We talk about Jens new project DEMHUB and what she wants to accomplish.

  • (5:00-10:17) We discuss what the right platform for DEMHUB to be. Should they a vertical platform like LINKEDIN. The  platform would have a social and professional view to allow the general public and experts to access information easily.

  • (10:30-13:06) How effective is DEMHUB at resolving disasters and who has to be involved globally to come up with a solution.

  • (14:40-20:33) We bring up the possibility of water becoming a disaster in the future because of pollution/privatisation. We also bring up problems such as climate change and train regulations.

  • (21:30-36:55) How do you rate or classify(risk analysis) natural disasters and which ones need immediate attention. We also bring up how DEMHUB gives everyone a voice.

  • (37:00-41:00) We discuss how we can archive disasters and be able to learn from our past. We also bring up if terrorism and discuss is it a Disaster issue.

  • (41:30-45:12) We wrap up our discussion and bring it back to DEMHUB.