Josh and Braeden sat down with virtual reality film makers in Toronto to discuss ideas and techniques around 360 audio / video production and storytelling in VR. Renan and Kwame from Outpost VR shared their perspectives on 360 production, and Elli from Cinehackers shed some light on his innovative head-mounted rig. This episode includes general VR industry discussions and ideas around VR storytelling. This episode was recorded back in December 2015 as our pilot episode.



Elli Raynai is a writer, producer, director and VR enthusiast. He has made two feature films and eight short films. His passion for art and technology led him to explore the possibilities of creating cinematic experiences in virtual reality. His latest experience 'I Am You' can be found on the gear VR store. Check out his work at

Kwame Newman-Bremang is an award winning interactive media producer and co-founder of Outpost VR. He has over 15 years of media experience in a range of traditional and new media production capacities. He believes in blending mediums to create crafted content to fit any project's needs.

Renan Ozen is an entrepreneur, filmmaker, educator and visionary digital media artist. Outside of co-founding Outpost VR, Renan is the founder and lead content producer of Quick Attack Productions, where he has worked with clients including We Are Wearables and Intel Canada.